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A Cer tain Ha te: bye
A Cer tain Ha te:i looove you!
LoseRr0ckStar69: ok
A Cer tain Ha te: bye
LoseRr0ckStar69: im joking i love you!
A Cer tain Ha te signed off

*twitches* its been three days i succeeded and i think i screwed it up i guess its ok he wouldnt say i love you if he hated me right....right?!

i dont think i mentioned this but we lost our last game and were out of the playoffs oh well we had a really good season so our coach took us across the street an i got a carmal frapachino (i swear im getting shorted)and a slice of pizza from marias ..i dont see why they call it marias there is no one named maria there!! they are all men with fake moles *tut*

the retared blue eyed guy was there though hes wiered out hes really awesome and always smiles at me!

i did my home work yay excpet for human d. she needs to die ADDICTION IS NOT AN ILLNESS DAMN IT ITS A LACK OF SELF CONTROL GET IT STRIAGHT!!!!!! may be i should be teaching this class.

bipolar guy was kinda funny kind of a backstreet boy lunatic!! i mean come on *i tried to take my own life in the waiting room of a hospital and they shot me with a tranquilizer* i think i laughed when he said that! how can you be so stupid to try ti kill your self in a hostiptal.....love thee

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