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im not stuck but...get a crobar

Had a tres bon dream last night! it was a dream about losing weight (nto saying im fat, i dotn want to get the whole "*suqeeky voice* your a pitty whore blah blah") anyways i got this really good looking pizza and i was like nah andi gave it to my brother and i got a bit skinnier DEADLY*HAHA*

i made a hasbrown and my internet keeps disconnecting. im all dressed for pajama day at school YAY! my throat hurts, i have a headache, and my gums hurt from these braces i got. PLUS+my stomaches starting to feel like shit! wtf is going on?

carols prolly pissed at me but i dotn really care because i have a right to not want to talk to people i was in the worst mood! I LOVE YOU ERICA!!

Fuck off
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