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I quit

im losing too much trying to fight a battle blindly! im losing friends all over the place and just because of one simple misunderstanding ok....il never talk to him again if that makes people feel better!! i mean...why is this so hard!? WHY CANT YOU PEOPLE JUST GET OVER IT ITS NOT THAT BIG A OF A DEAL BECKY HEARD WRONG AND I DONT BLAME HER FOR ANYTHING! i dont blame paulina for gettting upsett i dont blame people! if anyone i blame myself...i dont blame justin and no one should he didnt do anything fuckign wrong! I QUIT FIGHTING...I QUIT JUSTIN....I QUIT TRYING TO LET FRIENDS GET CLOSE JUST TO BE HURT FROM THE INSIDE...I QUIT DOIGN ANYTHING ....

shcool is a place for learning and the bus is the place for a nice nap.....everyone is focused on them selves and i tried not to be but i cant help it anymore everyone thinks im the cause of this so obviously no one shares any symepthy for me so i guess i have to
its really hard for me to do this because i gave up being an ultra mean person and now all i can think about is becky even if shes not liking me much right now! i dont care and i havent hated anyone right now though numerous people told me i should hate people but i dont!!!!

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